What are the symptoms of dementia in men?

Dementia may have various symptoms in men such as personality change, memory loss as well as impaired intellectual functions which might be due to brain disease or trauma. These symptoms might not be a part of normal aging issues in men and might also impact your relationships, daily living and independence. Alzheimer’s disease is a common dementia type and you may also find several other forms like mixed and vascular dementia. It also causes decline rate in learning, communication, remembering and solving problems among the male population. Patient might observe slow or quick changes. Based on the type of dementia the outcome might vary from person to person. 

Usually most men will experience a lapse in memory as they grow old. It might make one worry and could be confusing as they might not be able to remember anything as they used to remember before. But by understanding and learning about the various signs of dementia from normal aging can help you take small steps towards slowing or reversing the conditions. The common signs and symptoms related to dementia will include the following:

  • Loss of memory
  • Faulty reasoning
  • Impaired judgement
  • Difficulties with abstract thinking
  • Loss of communication skills
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Neglect of safety and personal care 
  • Time and place disorientation.
  • Agitation, hallucinations, paranoia.

Other symptoms of dementia will include:

  • The patient might ask the same question again and again 
  • Might get lost or disoriented in the place which they know
  • Inability to follow the directions
  • Disoriented about date or time of the day
  • Unable to recognize or getting confused about those who are familiar to them
  • Having difficulty and inability to pay bills 
  • Might neglect their hygiene, personal safety and nutrition.

Dementia changes versus normal dementia changes: 

Though every need to go through this phase of life changes of aging, sometimes it can be surprising and humble too. Normal aging symptoms include developing wrinkles over the skin, mild and short -term memory loss and fading of hair color, rapid and severe memory loss is not a common aging factor. By following a healthy lifestyle one can stay mentally and physically active even during their old age. 

The normal memory changes that are associated with ones aging process includes:

Slow thinking and problem-solving abilities: The speed of learning process might get slowed down with short term memory loss and the reaction time increases. 

Decrease in concentration and attention: Get distracted easily. These interruptions make a person more difficult while learning. 

Slower recall: They will need more hits to recollect the memory. A general male person who is getting aged might complain about loss of memory but might be able to give details about their forgetfulness. They occasionally search for words and might not get lost completely. But when a person with dementia is considered they complain about memory loss and might not be able to recall any specific instances. They frequently look for words and might get lost with the familiar places itself. Analyzing about the symptoms in the right way is important to diagnose and get proper treatment.

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