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Brief Summaries of 2013 TRS & ACR Meetings: 2013 TRS Meeting Jeff Creasy agreed to organize the scientific/educational part of the meeting for at least one more year before his duties as a new grandfather become too time-consuming. We are currently seeking a replacement for Jeff. The sooner one volunteers, the more time one has to work with Jeff for the 2014 meeting and to learn from a master. Breast density legislation passed both the TN legislative houses. The amended bill, Senate Bill 745, is presented later in this newsletter. To meet this requirement, it must be noted that some older versions of mammography reporting software may not be capable of using tissue density wording without a system upgrade.


This typically involves expenditure and delay. Thus this issue should be investigated with the appropriate member of the mammography staff within your organization to ensure timely compliance. 2013 ACR Meeting The ACR Meeting in DC was held May 4-7, 2013 at the Washington Hilton. The radiologists who attended from Tennessee were: Liv Brien MD, Greg Curtin MD, Rich Duszak MD, Jim Martin MD, Gary Podgorski MD and Ron Walker MD. The following radiology residents who were in attendance for the resident section of the meeting: Kevin Liaw MD-Knoxville, Jared Bradley MD-Memphis, Ina Radtke MD-Memphis, Wes Angel MD-Memphis and Michael Barraza MD-Vanderbilt . TRS had three radiologists who participated in convocation at the meeting. They now have the recognition of being a fellow of the college. There were, Ron Price MD, Greg Weaver MD and Ron Walker MD from Nashville.

The meeting was highlighted by an exhaustively, exhilarating economic talk by Dr. Rich Duszak from Memphis. Rich is also the charter CEO of The Harvey Neiman Health Policy Institute. The most contentious topic was the guideline on communication of reports to the patient. The compromise recommendation from our Southern States Caucus was well received, recommending that reports should be available to patients but not requiring that reports should be sent directly to patients by radiologists, as was originally proposed. The TN delegation made their customary visits to our legislators in Congress.